Cluster 2020 Events

Golden Thread

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Doors/Show: 6:30/7:30pm
Works for String Orchestra
A co-presentation with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Westminster United Church
745 Westminster Ave.

Cluster 2020 kicks off with an epic collaboration with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Come hear a new commission by Gabriel Dharmoo, performances by Raine Hamilton and Victoria Sparks, and works by Alexina Louie, Kenley Kristofferson, Keiko Devaux, Linda Catlin Smith, and Claude Vivier.

Tickets only available through the MCO and not included in Cluster Festival Pass (20% discount to Cluster pass-holders): visit, or call (204) 783-7377

Against the Grain

Friday, March 27, 2020
Doors/Show: 7:00/7:30pm
New Vocal Traditions featuring Phth
Rachel Browne Theatre
211 Bannatyne Ave.

Come together for a dynamic evening of cutting edge vocal performances that go against the grain. Montreal’s Phth is an ensemble of vocalists, improvisors and composers dedicated to exploring the voice using contemporary techniques, movement, and improvisation.

The Same Cloth

Friday, March 27, 2020
Doors/Show: 8:30/9:30pm
Beatox and Friends
551 Sargent Ave.

Virtuosic beatboxing combined with rhythm & poetry and electronic multi-instrumentation, Beatox, Cameron Tinklenberg, and Rachel Kane explore the voice along with elements of groove, folk, and storytelling that will be sure to have you in awe.


Saturday, March 28, 2020
Doors/Show: 7:30/8:30pm
Pop/Folk/Chamber Music Creations
A co-presentation with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Ave.

Four artists from Winnipeg and abroad—alongside members of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra—knit together pop, folk, and orchestral chamber music. New fusions featuring Raine Hamilton, Gabrielle Papillon, Bad Wave, and Slow Spirit.

Public Lecture—Gabriel Dharmoo

Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 2:30pm
Co-presented with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music

Lightning Talks

Saturday, March 28, 2020, 8:00pm
Co-presented with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
West End Cultural Centre: Front Gallery
586 Ellice Ave.

Guest artists from the 2020 Cluster Festival discuss what inspires them to create in a playful quickfire format.

Cluster Portrait Project

The fabric art of Cathie Ugrin has evolved alongside the Cluster Festival since our first edition. This year, we are proud to display the Cluster Portrait Project. Each hand-made portrait of this project will be available for auction throughout the festival, with proceeds going directly to the festival.

A statement from the artist can be found in our printed program.

We need YOUR help! Quigital is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2020 Cluster Festival. Through our Global Arts Mandate, we are now able to make a huge difference in the arts world. We’re thrilled to invite YOU to participate!

Our promotional video, below, explains how you can make your voice heard in this exciting artistic event.

Help us create something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Visit, find us at any Cluster Festival event, or call our Global Arts Mandate hotline at (204) 800-5721. Everyone who connects with us will help make Cluster Festival 2020 the best one yet!

Cluster is one of Winnipeg’s “most dynamic arts events”
(Winnipeg Free Press, 2015)

Presenting thought-provoking events and an annual core festival in Winnipeg, Cluster is a platform for artists to create, to experiment, and to collaborate. Cluster is propelled by strength found in numbers and the energy created by integrating diverse artistic communities – combining collective mentality with individual sensibility.

Past Festivals

Over its first eight festivals, Cluster has presented more than 250 artists from around the world, commissioning 13 large-scale artworks and over 60 smaller-scale artworks.

Past Photos

View photos from Cluster Festivals past.

Past Programs

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Who's Involved?

Cluster is made up of a collaborative co-directorate, supported by a board of directors and seasonal volunteers.

  • Heidi Ouellette

    combines a passion for chamber-music with a deep awareness of Canada’s cultural climate.

  • Eliot Britton

    focuses on technology and the integration of new media into music composition.

  • Luke Nickel

    combines a keen interest in non-musical artforms with an international musical sensibility.

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